AG3 Battery Replacement and AG3 Battery Equivalents

The AG3 battery is a standard button battery for electronic goods, very similar to the lr41 battery.

AG3 battery shape and size

Top AG3 Battery Manufacturers

All the top battery manufacturers will produce the AG3 or AG3 equivalent (see list below).

Manufacturers include: Energizer, Panasonic and Renata.

Cheapest AG3 Batteries

The cheapest AG3 equivalent batteries can be found on from brands like LiCB, Loopacell, Pkcell, Eunicell, Maxell and Celewell.

These types of batteries generally come in packs of 5-10. If you buy a pack of these cell batteries you can use them for a range of electronic gadget.

Here’s a few of the best priced batteries with great reviews on

LiCB 20 Pack LR41 AG3 392 384 192 Battery 1.5V Button Coin Cell Batteries – $5.99

10 LOOPACELL AG3 LR41 392 384 CX41 SR41SW SR736 1.5V Alkaline Watch Battery 

SKOANBE 10PCS LR41 392 384 192 AG3 SR41 1.5V Button Coin Cell Battery

2 x Maxell LR41 /192 / AG3 / V3GA 1.5v Alkaline Button Cell Battery Batteries


AG3 Battery Equivalents

The batteries below are all the equivalent to the AG3 battery, just produced by different manufacturers.

SR41W battery
SB-B1 battery
280-13 battery
V392 battery
D392 battery
247D battery
S736E battery
GP392 battery
LR736 battery
392 battery
192 battery
L736 battery
G3 battery
V3GA battery
LR41 battery
SG3 battery
ASG3 battery
G3A battery
V36A battery
92A battery
GP192 battery
392X battery
SR41 battery
TR41SW battery
SR41SW battery
247B battery
SP392 battery
S736S battery
392A battery
392X battery
L736H battery
L736S battery
SR736PW battery
RW47 battery
RW47S battery
GP392-A1 battery
SR41 battery
E392 battery
LR41H battery
AG03 battery