How Do I Change the Battery In My Toyota Key Fob?

Replacing the battery in your Toyota’s key fob seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world to do. Changing the battery is not too difficult if you know where to start, and this quick guide will help you through the process without damaging the key.

This guide is for the standard Toyota flip-open style key fob with a 3-button remote.

How Do I Change the Battery In My Toyota Key Fob?


Before you begin to attack the key fob, make sure that you have the right batteries. Most Toyota key fobs will use CR-2032 3-volt batteries, some use CR-2016’s, but you can check in your car’s user manual. These are a common battery that fit into small remotes and children’s toys.

The CR-2032 is inexpensive, and you can buy them as single cells or as a pack. Electronics, jewelry, grocery, and hardware stores, and toy shops should all sell these batteries. It is worth buying a small pack of cells since you will have a few remotes around your home using the same battery.

While you have the key out of use, and before taking it apart, clean off the fob and the key with a damp cloth or wet wipe. You do not want dirt or grime falling into the switches inside the fob when you open it up.


Once you have a battery and cleaned your fob, you can move on to opening the case. Follow the basic steps below to replace your Toyota’s Key fob battery.

Step 1 – You need to open out the metal key by pressing the button on the fob. This will give you more area to hold onto and better access to the plastic clips holding the fob together.

Step 2 – At the base of the key fob, by the keyring hole, there is a small flat space between either side of the case. You need to insert a flat-headed screwdriver to separate the sides. Use a large flat-headed screwdriver to avoid denting the plastic.

Step 3 – Do not force the screwdriver into the fob. Instead, twist the screwdriver to separate the case. Depending on the type of fob, you may need to work your way around the case to split the two halves. You do not want to scratch the switches inside.

Step 4 – Once you have the case open, you may need to take out the green circuit-board to get to the battery. If you can see the battery, take it out and put in the new battery, making sure that it is the same model number, the CR-2032 or CR-2016. Also, make sure that you put the battery in the same way as the old one was facing.

Step 5 – Reassemble your key and push the case back together. You need to put a fair bit of force into clipping the case back together, so be sure that the circuit-board is in straight.

You can now try your key with your Toyota.

Toyota Key Fob Care

The battery in a Toyota key fob should last years before it goes flat. When traveling with your key in your bag, prevent other objects from pressing the buttons by keeping it in a side pocket. Also, when storing the keys, avoid leaving the fob in direct sunlight.

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