How to Change a Ford Key Fob Battery

All Ford vehicles with automatic door locks come with key fob remotes. The batteries in these remotes will last for up to a decade, but then you will need to replace them. Our Ford key fob battery replacement guide covers Ford and Lincoln models from the last 20 years.

What batteries do Ford Key Fobs Use?

80% of Ford key fobs use a CR2032 battery, which are 3-volt lithium batteries produced by various brands like Duracell, Panasonic, and even Amazon Basics have its own – which we would not recommend buying.

do not buy these batteries from Amazon
CR2032 battery for Ford Key FOB by Amazon. These will not last, buy from a good battery brand


The process is easy with our simple guide below.

Steps for Changing a ‘Keyless’ Ford Key Fob Battery

change battery in ford key fob

A Ford vehicle from 2013 to 2018 will have a key hidden inside the fob. These keyless’ fobs come with either two CR2025 batteries or a single CR2032 cell. If you want to buy the cells in advance, you will either have to check with your user manual or open up the fob to check.

Step 1 – Clean the fob before you start. You do not want any dirt to fall inside the fob.

Step 2 – Push the release button on the fob to expose the emergency key inside the fob. This release button is at the bottom of the fob, near the keyring slot.

Sliding or Fixed Key – There are two versions of Ford’s hidden key, one that slides out, and the other mounts to the inside.

Ford Key Fob with Sliding/Flip Key

Ford flip key battery change

Step 3 – Slide the key out halfway.

Step 4 – Twist the key inside the fob. The twisting will help you prize the case apart. This fob needs one CR2032 battery.

Step 5 – Replace the battery, making sure that the positive ‘+’ sign on the battery is visible.

Step 6 – Clip both halves of the fob back together, making sure that they are in line.

Step 7 – Slide the key back into its slot.

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Ford Key Fob with Fixed Key

Step 3 – Once the backplate is free from the rest of the key fob, you will see the metal key. Unclip the key and use it to separate the battery case from the remaining shell.

Step 4 – There is a small slit at the top end of the fob, large enough to fit the metal key into. Insert the key all the way and twist it. The battery case should be separate from the rest of the fob. This fob needs two CR2025 batteries.

Step 5 – Replace the batteries, making sure that the new ones are facing the same way up as the old ones. There may be a white piece of paper separating the batteries.

Step 6 – Clip the emergency key back into its slot.

Step 7 – Clip both halves of the fob back together, making sure that they are in line.

Try the key to see if you can both lock and unlock your Ford with the fob.

Ford Key Fob with a Traditional Metal Key

The older style of Ford key fob uses a single CR2032 battery. Since the metal key is a part of the fob, you will need a wide flat-headed screwdriver to separate the fob case.

Step 1 – Remove any keyrings hanging from the hole at the base of the key.

Step 2 – Insert the blade of the screwdriver into the small slot at the base of the key.

Step 3 – Twist the blade of the screwdriver — to separate the case. You made need to work your way around the case.

Step 4 – The battery should be +’ side up. If you press on one side of the battery, it should pop out of its setting. You may need to give it some help and prize it out with a small screwdriver.

Step 5 – Press the new battery into place, making sure that the positive +’ side is facing up.

Step 6 – Be sure that both halves match up and push the case back together.

Test all the buttons on the key fob with your Ford.

Ford Key Fobs

These instructions should cover all Ford and Lincoln keys for the C-Max, Explore, Escape, Expedition, Edge, EcoSport, Focus, Fiesta, Flex, F-Series, Mustang, MK-series, Navigator, Transit, and the Taurus.