Why Does My iPhone Battery Deplete So Fast? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

iPhone battery problems are the most common issues about iPhones. Even though it is a known fact that batteries are very delicate, which means they will wear out with time, most times, the issue with an iPhone is an app, or even the charger, but not necessarily the battery.

This article will tell you why your iPhone battery depletes so fast and how to fix it. It will also cover how to achieve longer battery life without losing functionality. It’s all about battery optimization.

10 solutions to fix iphone battery drain

1. Look at battery usage

You’ve already established that your iPhone battery life is depleting fast. If your iPhone utilizes iOS 9 or a much recent version, it has the Battery Usage feature. Battery usage lets you view which apps are using up most of your battery’s charge. If you find that an app is responsible for your battery’s fast drain, you can update or uninstall it.

Here is how to go about checking your battery usage;

· Go to settings, then to the battery option.

how to fix iphone battery drain

· Tap on the option “last seven days” to view how every app has utilized your battery charge in one week

· Click on the ‘time’ icon to get more information on specific apps.

· Discover the app that’s using up your battery the most, update or uninstall it.

2. Switch to “low power Mode.”

This mode makes your iPhone battery go for a few more hours than it would while on normal mode. This mode automatically turns off automatic download, mail fetch, lowers some visual effects, and so on. Once you enable it, a yellow battery icon will appear on your screen. This remarkable feature is only present in iOS 9 or later versions, and an iPad doesn’t feature it.

3. Disable “Raise to Wake.”

This is a feature that is usually enabled by default with iOS 10. It automatically turns your iPhone screen once you lift it from a flat surface. If you walk around with your phone in hand, the screen automatically turns on and remains ‘awake,’ resulting in your battery depleting quickly. To turn off this feature;

· Go to settings

· Click on Display and Brightness

· To turn it off, Tap on the switch next to “raise and Wake.”

4. Update iOS and apps

Your iPhone battery depletion can be a result of outdated apps. Software updates frequently involve fixing bugs, which sometimes may be responsible for your fast battery use up. Once Apple releases an iOS update, app developers design their apps for this recent version. So, make sure your phone is running with apps with the most recent iOS version.

Here’s how to update apps;

· Go to App store

· Open updates, then tap update all.

5. Disable “Background App Refresh.”

This feature refreshes your iPhone apps in the background, meaning your apps are continuously updated, even when they are not in use. This saves the time it takes for apps to load. However, letting all open apps continuously refresh and update can be among the reasons why your iPhone battery is draining quickly. To disable it;

· Open the settings panel.

· Go to general, then background app refresh.

· Click the app switch off.

6. Turn off “location services.”

Location services establish your estimated location using a WiFi hotspot, GPS, mobile tower location, and Bluetooth. It then conveys these details to various apps that assist in finding restaurants or other places for you. Although similar to other apps, this one utilizes battery power. So, if you are not using it, disable it to stop battery use up. To disable it;

how to turn of location services on iphone to save battery drain

· Go to settings, then privacy.

· Open location services

· Switch off the location services switch

7. Switch “Airplane Mode” on

Your iPhone battery might be depleting fast due to weak cellular service. If you are at a place with weak cellular service, your phone upsurges the power to its antenna to remain connected enough to sustain a data connection and receive calls. This quickly drains your battery. Remember that when your iPhone is in Airplane mode, you cannot receive or make any calls.

8. Disable vibration

Your iPhone battery can be used up fast by vibration alerts, especially if you get many notifications. If you turn off vibration, it will save your battery life significantly.

9. Disable “Auto-Brightness.”

The Auto-Brightness feature modifies your iPhone’s display brightness according to your surrounding’s lighting. It often keeps the Brightness at its brightest, which drains your battery quickly. To improve your battery life, turn it off this way;

· Open settings, then display and Brightness.

· Disable auto-Brightness and reduce the Brightness by swiping left.

10. Switch off WiFi, if you’re not using it

If you don’t switch off WiFi, when you are not linked to any connection, your iPhone searches for potential WiFi that it can join. This uses up your battery life quite fast. To switch off WiFi;

· Open settings

· Click on WiFi

· Switch off the switch next to WiFi

iphone Battery FAQs

How long is my iPhone battery supposed to last?

According to Apple, the iPhone 5 should give you 8 hours of internet usage on 3G and talk time, 40 hours of audio use, 10 hours of WiFi use, 225 hours on standby, and 10 hours of viewing videos when fully charged. Other models will be different.

How do I tell if my battery has a problem?

If your iPhone’s battery is depleting quickly and doesn’t last long once it is charged, you can look at this in the iOS settings; click on setting then the battery. If the battery has a problem, there will be a notification on the screen telling you that it requires servicing.

How do I know whether my battery needs to be replaced?

· Open settings, then go to battery.

· Click on battery health – you will see the optimal capability of your battery when it was new.

· Beneath the battery health, you will see its current performance capability.

Verdict: iphone battery optimization

Now that you know why your battery is draining quickly, follow the tips below as well as the fixes above;

· Turn off some background apps.

· Switch off Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use

· Do not over-utilize apps that drain your battery fast.

If you see your iPhone battery problem is not being solved with our ten fixes, you do not have to worry about it. The issue could be that you are a heavy user. Nevertheless, you can always buy an external battery pack. The only way to determine whether your iPhone battery is defective is to visit an Apple store and let them test it.