Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement: Complete Guide

Though Michael Kors are known for their handbags, they produce a range of designer watches for men and women.  Their watch collection is mainly targeted at women, with oversized bling-style designers.

Michael Kors, a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear, entered the world of timepieces in the early 2000s. Michael Kors watches quickly became known for their fusion of timeless chic and modern design elements.

While the brand itself was established in 1981, it wasn’t until decades later that it ventured into the watch industry, collaborating with the Fossil Group for manufacturing and distribution.

This partnership leveraged Fossil’s expertise in watch craftsmanship with Michael Kors’ distinctive fashion perspective. The result was an array of stylish and functional watches that catered to fashion-forward consumers seeking affordable luxury. Over the years, Michael Kors watches have grown in popularity, becoming a staple accessory for many and reflecting the brand’s dedication to timeless style, quality, and innovation.

Michael Kors watch battery replacement guide


What type of batteries do Michael Kors watches use?

Michael Kors watches use either a 371 or 395 button battery, like this Energizer battery below.

395 battery for michael kors watch

These are silver oxide batteries at 1.5 volts.  Note that all battery manufacturers have different numbers for the their battery like SR920SW. The batteries below are all the same batteries:

370, SR920W, AG6, SR69W, RW415, D370, 28051, SB-BN, 371, SR920SW, SR69, RW315, D371, V371(537), 28031, SB-AN

Can you change the battery in a Michael Kors watch?

Yes you can do this yourself or send it off to a watch repair company to replace the battery for you. See video below if you want to do this yourself.

How much do Michal Kors battery replacements cost?

You can buy the above battery for around $1.00 on all major electrical websites

How to I check the battery size to be 100% certain of the size?

Simply remove the back of you Michael Kors watch with a coin and use a magnifying glass to view the battery code

Which brand of watch battery is best for a Michael Kors watch?

We recommend Energizer or Renta. Do not buy non-branded Chinese batteries that come in bulk packs on Amazon

How long does a Michael Kors watch battery last?

Button watch batteries typically last around 2 years, but you don’t know how long the watch has been sitting around in the supply chain before you took ownership.  It’s not unheard of to have to replace the battery in the first 6 moths, especially if you have bought an older watch model.

Does Walmart change Michael Kors watch batteries?

No, you would have to visit a watch repair shop or jewelers.

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